IT bannerINTELLIGENT TEA is the product name for this range of herbals, tisanes or infusions, whatever terminology suits you to use for these brews. These are all caffeine free brews with health promoting properties.


Buzzpsdmockup-newBUZZ The taste profile is predominately of the earthy peppery Nettle, tempered with the Elderberries, Dandelion and Hawthorn. The Elderberries darken this brew but add a gentle fruity undercurrent. The Rose lifts the mood of the brew to give it a lovely perfumed finish. This brew is helpful in promoting energy, providing a lift for the senses. It helps to regenerate body and mind.




VITAL This brew is designed for supporting heart and kidney heath. Hawthorn is the great heart tonic. Both Hawthorn leaves and flowers are used here and the flavour combination is refreshing and tangy. Elderflower rules this brew with its scented nuances lingering beautifully and counteracting the bitterness of the Dandelion. Together with the earthy grassy sweetness of the Red Clover and Heather this is a lovely combination of herbs.




DETOX The Nettle flavour predominates with its peppery bite; combined with Cleavers and Horsetail it’s got a real depth of flavour in leafy herbage. The Milk Thistle seed is crushed to extract its properties and the Heather adds its subtle essences of mild boggy perfumed tones. The Marigold adds a little sharpness to the mix resembling saffron! This blend is a very likeable cuppa.




CHILLAX This infusion is the ultimate calming and relaxing blend. The sweetness of the chamomile on the palate is nicely counteracted by the bitterness of the hops. The Vervain and Lemon Balm add their brightness and citrusy mood while the oat straw is the wonderful soothing herb in the mix. This gets the thumbs up every time.




LOVE Hawthorn is the main herb here, a great rejuvenating heart tonic tossed with nettle, the all round tonic and rose, the beloved medicine for the heart and the well known blossom associated with love!  This tea is a firm favourite once tasted, the refreshing tangy taste of hawthorn, peppery woody nettle and soothing perfumed aromas of rose. Witch Hazel is a classic herb for beauty and Cleavers is all about getting things moving and these herbs round up this brew perfectly.




DIGEST Meadowsweet is the lead herb here and it tastes delicious with its beautiful honey aromas. This infusion is jammers with well-respected digestives Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Fennel and Chamomile. The flavours mingle nicely and the aniseed aroma lingers. Meadowsweet brings all the flavours together adding a fragrance of sweet almond.




COLDBUSTER Sip that cold away with these immune boosting plants. It’s a blend of Blackberry leaves with its sweet acidic tones combined with Elderberries & Elderflower. The Elderflower masks the pungency of the full-bodied Yarrow, which is a bonus! The Mullein and Marshmallow add a softening dimension to the infusion to help clear congestion in lungs.




HANGOVER This is the perfect morning after detox. Lemon Balm has a beautiful fresh flavour with a rich depth together with the woody peppery Nettle. The Milk Thistle seed is crushed to extract its properties and the Heather adds its subtle essences of mild boggy perfumed tones. Meadowsweet with its beautiful honey and sweet almond aromas adds balance and sweetness to the bitter dandelion leaf.



Brew times

We recommend an infusion time of 3-5 mins for a pleasure cup or 7-10 mins for a medicinal cup. It works well if you reuse the leaves from brew 1 (pleasure cup) and brew a second time as you will still enjoy a great tasting infusion with the added bonus of extracting all additional medicinal properties which require a longer steeping time.



These brews have health benefits but they are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are on prescription medication, please check with your doctor in advance of drinking any of these brews. If you intend using for medicinal reasons ensure you consult a medical professional before taking.