Inspired by traditional Irish herbalism, natural healing and the belief that everything we need is around us chef and herbalist Freda Wolfe has created a range of tasty therapeutic Intelligent Teas, made from native Irish herbs.

Nettles, dandelions, elderflowers and hawthorns are among the loose-leaf plants that are dried, weighed and carefully blended to create effective balanced curative teas, that taste great.

  “As a chef I have always been passionate about native, organic and wild food. When I went on to study herbalism and natural healing for four years, I found myself heading for the hedgerows in search of medicine. Inspired by legendary Irish healers like Biddy Early, I firmly believe in the healing power of plants. And of course there is nothing as soothing as a cup of tea, so I set out to make my own brews, which proved a healthy healing hit with friends and family” says Freda.


Intelligent Tea is the first project of Wild Irish Foods, teas of purpose with great taste. We have blended herbs and plants known for their therapeutic properties with the overall aim of producing a very pleasant tasting cuppa, which is health promoting. There is an infusion for every occasion whether it’s an energy-promoting buzz, chillaxing at the end of the day or simply sharing a nice cuppa with buddies.


We use indigenous herbs and plants for our infusions, herbs that are native to Ireland. We are collaborating with organic farmers in Ireland to grow these herbs for us, along with collecting in the wild.

Many of the herbs for Intelligent Tea are currently sourced from multiple EU countries but the aim is to have all of these herbs and plants foraged or grown, and dried in Ireland. The plan is to have Wild Irish Foods dry 50% of the herbs and plants for Intelligent Tea, within the next 4 years and 100% within 8 years. These herbs and plants will be grown chemically free by trusted Irish growers or foraged in the wilds of Ireland.